Will your pension give financial freedom?

Experiencing a golden age without money worries

Saving enough during our working life will not just give us freedom to manage our finances more flexibly, but it will also help us to secure a more comfortable lifestyle in retirement. Even though the baby boomers (the generation born between 1946 and 1964) are better off than any other generation, according to a new report[1], one in three (33%) people nearing retirement in this age demographic still don’t feel confident they’ll have enough funds to live on[2].

Money worries The Income Roulette Report reveals that more than a quarter (28%) of people expecting to retire within the next five years don’t know how much they have in their pension pot. In addition to money worries, some did not feel emotionally ready for retirement, with one in six (16%) admitting they were worried they would not be as intellectually stimulated, and one in ten (12%) worried they would not kno