I setup Sterling in 2008 because I was fed-up with paying high prices for financial advice that was, at best, average. I decided to change the way that financial advice was delivered by putting the client first, and NOT the adviser. Over the last 10 years I have grown the team to 6 advisers and am constantly looking at how we can make things better for our clients. I look forward to working with you


Dai Rose

Managing Director

What do we do?


If you are looking for an independent financial adviser in Cardiff or Swansea who can explain personal finance in terms that you understand, then you are in the right place.


Why Should you Choose us?


We have a laid-back approach and are not your typical, stuffy team of IFAs. We don’t wear pin-stripe suits and pointy shoes and nobody here is called Tarquin or Quentin. Unfortunately we won’t send you a meerkat doll in the post or give you free cinema tickets but we will provide you with quality advice whatever your circumstances. What we are very  serious about is providing you with the best advice possible.


We are an award-winning business with offices in both Cardiff and Swansea.  We’d love to see you for a cuppa and a chat but if you’d prefer us to come to you then that’s fine too; just let us know. We promise to take our shoes off and don’t mind in your dog jumps up on us as long as you make us a cuppa.


We will save you time as we fill in all the paperwork for you and our advanced systems mean that paperwork is kept to an absolute minimum. We have a secure online portal that can store all of your documents so there is no need to go to the loft and blow the dust off that old cardboard box when you want to review things in a couple of years’ time. You can even access all of your stuff on your mobile phone if you want to.


What can we do for You?


We can provide advice in all areas including:


  • Mortgages

  • Pensions

  • Life Assurance

  • ISAs

  • Wills & Estate Planning

  • Trusts and Inheritance Tax Advice

  • General Insurance


Mortgages Great and Small


Whether you are a first-time buyer looking to get on the property ladder or you are a homeowner needing a remortgage we can help by checking over 11,000 mortgages from over 300 lenders to ensure that you get the best mortgage rate available.


If you are a first-time landlord or own a portfolio of properties then we have access to market-leading buy-to-let mortgages too. Some of our own advisers are buy-to-let investors so you can be assured that we know what we are doing.


For those over 55 looking to unlock some tax-free cash from their homes whether it’s to pay for home improvements, buy that campervan you’ve always dreamed about or to provide a deposit for your grandchildren, then we can help by offering advice on equity release mortgages. This is a highly regulated area and we will make sure that you receive the best advice whilst involving your family in this decision too.


Struggling to Understand Pensions?


You are not alone. Most people find them hard to understand too. Luckily, we can explain the benefits of paying into a pension to you, so that you can make the best decision on what to do with your pension and look forward to, and not dread, retirement. I don’t want to work until I’m 90 either!


So, if you want advice on starting a pension or you want to review your existing pensions then Dai, our independent financial adviser will happily talk to you and provide the best solution for you. There are some serious tax advantages of paying into a pension and he will make sure that you make the most of this depending how much you can afford to spend each month.


Rainy Day Fund


Well we are in Wales and it does rain – a lot! If you want us to set up a tax-efficient ISA to save for a rainy day or you’d like to put some money aside for little “Jonny” to go to university then that’s fine. We will provide investment advice that matches your attitude to risk and promise to make investing as easy as riding a bike! We will teach you the basic principles so that you can make better choices with your investments and will provide you with six-monthly reviews to check if your investment is on track.




If you have found a couple of quid under the bed, have won the lottery, or have inherited some money and would like to find a good home for it, we can make sure that your nest-egg is invested in the right place so that YOU get the returns that you want based on your attitude to risk.


We will also make sure that any wealth that you generate is protected so that you don’t pay any more inheritance tax than you need to.


What Next?


Hopefully, I have convinced you that we are jolly nice chaps at Sterling Welsh and that, whatever your financial needs we will be able to help. If you would like to book a no-obligation appointment with us then please fill in your details and we will be in touch to arrange a call at a time that is convenient to you.

01792 720510

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